April Is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Tracey Toback-DPMApril is National Foot Health Awareness month, and local podiatrists urge everyone to pay closer attention to their feet. “Your foot is your foundation,” said Dr. Tracy G. Toback of Toback Podiatry in Highland.


“When your feet are off, it throws your entire body off, and can lead to hip, knee, and back pain, too.”


Toback said a heel spur syndrome is actually a bursitis or swelling of the bursa sac. “When we get off our feet, the sac fills up, so that first step in the morning on the ball of fluid is painful,” he said.


See the full body of Dr. Toback’s article in the Poughkeepsie Journal here!

Source: Lisa Iannucci, Poughkeepsie Journal [4/25/15]

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