Local Hudson Valley resident sets world record! WITH HIS FEET!

Yes, we have a lot to be proud of in the Hudson Valley, but what podiatrist would not be proud to have a neighbor residing in Red Hook, NY for a world record performed with his feet?

Local resident, 15 year old, Daniel Rose-Levine, conquered such a feat, no pun intended. Daniel set out to Minneapolis, Minnesota to partake in the Heartland Champs World Cube Association. He set the world record solving the Rubik’s cube using only his feet, shattering the record in 16.96 seconds!

Dr. Tracey Toback spoke with his mother Lauren, to let her know how fascinated he was due to his appreciation of the foot. She shared with Dr. Toback that her young son had been competing for years travelling the country. She shared the video on-line at: http://www.teamcubicle.com/cuber/daniel-rose-levine/

Having watched the video, Dr. Toback realized that Daniel took full advantage of his high arch feet and had built up tremendous strength of the small extensor tendons in his toes in order to pull off such a feat! Watch the video, it is exciting to have a young celebrity in town!