Diabetic Footwear Program

Upon visiting our office, you will notice displays and information on several different shoe programs, featuring brand names you recognize for their quality and comfort. Surefit’s wide variety of diabetic shoe line are the leaders in high quality shoes.

As an additional service and convenience for our patients, we offer a professional shoe sizing program in which we make a foam impression of your feet and order the appropriate size and style footwear based on your individual needs. We make it easy for you to wear the brands and styles you prefer. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors. The prices we charge at our office are generally the same as the shoe manufacturer’s suggested list price.

Most of the shoes featured in this program can be shipped directly from the company to your home within two weeks, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the shoes upon delivery, you may return them for a replacement or refund.


Do you or someone you know have diabetes? If you are a diabetic, you may be at risk of developing serious foot infections and ulcers that often lead to amputation. In 1996, doctors performed more than 86,000 diabetic amputations. What you may not know is nearly 80% of life altering amputations could have been prevented.

For diabetes, as well as other foot problems, preventive foot care can significantly reduce the risk of complications. Medicare recognizes the importance of preventive foot care. Dr. Toback is now an authorized provider of the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program. If you are a diabetic and covered by Medicare, you may be eligible to receive one pair of high quality shoes and three pairs of removable, protective shoe inserts each calendar year. If you qualify for these important products and have supplemental insurance, the balance may be covered, resulting in no out-of-pocket cost to you.

At Toback Podiatry, qualified diabetic patients will be fitted for shoes and inserts using foam impressions.  No more messy plaster molds and time constraints! Several different shoe styles are available to accommodate your personal preference.

Toback Podiatry has recently added this valuable service to our practice so that we can provide the most comprehensive foot care to our patients. Do not delay. Please schedule a foot exam today so we may evaluate your eligibility for this important benefit.

Footware for Diabetics