Patient Testimonials

The following are a few of the testimonials received following podiatric services by Dr. Tracey Toback of Toback Podiatry.

Our patients have related that they would like to have heard from other patients about their experiences prior to their surgery or medical treatments, in order to relieve unnecessary anxiety. We hope this site proves helpful.

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“In 2004, I developed severe heel pain while hiking. My primary care physician recommended that I see Dr. Toback. I thought for sure that I’d need surgery but Dr. Toback said that he thought orthotics would do the trick. He was right! I was able to continue with all of my life’s activities without the pain I had experienced.
Just last month, I received a new pair of orthotics that were custom made to fit the new configuration of my ever changing feet. They are wonderful! I would recommend Dr. Toback to anyone experiencing foot problems.”

Raymond H,
College Professor- Woodstock, NY

“Excellent care by Dr. Toback including all areas of foot surgery, pre and post. The surgery was explained completely. Tremendous results with the implant in toe (right big), no pain in foot whatsoever. I would recommend it to anyone. Also excellent staff at the Highland office. The personnel who set up surgery did an excellent job. A+ for the total procedure. Thank you!”

Philip J. Chodaba
Highland, New York

“The past four years I had been suffering from chronic foot pain since stepping in a hole while walking the dog in the woods. An x-ray showed no fracture or misalignment of bones, but it still hurt a lot!

I finally went to see a doctor at Toback Podiatry who quickly diagnosed the problem and prescribed an AFO device which I have been wearing ever since. My pain was gone within two days, and I can comfortably walk and even hike now.”

J. Boden
Medical Receptionist
Highland, NY

“Dr. Toback has seen me through cortisone treatments for severe heel pain (both feet), several pairs of orthotics, diabetic foot care and emergency ingrown toenail (with infection) surgery. He and his office staff are always courteous, professional and patient. I have full confidence in Dr. Toback’s services and sincere caring concern and would recommend him to anyone.”

Newburgh, NY

“Our primary care physician had recommended my husband see a podiatrist due to sugar problems. He had several very, very painful ingrown toenails of which he had self-managed for years (a dangerous temporary fix) . He apprehensively made an appointment with Dr. Toback at his Kingston office. Tom’s attitude was, if he hurts my sensitive toes, I’ll get up and walk out. Well, Tom left his appointment singing praises for Dr. Toback…he had NO pain and his feet felt wonderful (1st. time in years). Tom continues to see Dr. Toback periodically for nail maintenance. His nails look great and feel great. He’s a pain free walker now.

Tom suggested that I try seeing Dr. Toback, as I’d been having painful foot problems for the past year. I had doctored with another podiatrist for several months, but to no avail. I was unhappy and I still had foot pain, I thought I’d have to live with it. I first saw Dr. Toback in August ’03, I must admit I was very skeptical, but he was confident…he could fix my feet. Without getting into medical terminology, he did surgery on my right foot. He did a bunionectomy and straightened my hammertoe (painless I might add). Prior to surgery I was an apprehensive nervous wreck. I went into his office with a long list of questions (looking back, some were so foolish), but he patiently and graciously answered all. He gave me the time I needed. So often you ask a doctor two questions, and it’s one more than they have time for. That was not my experience at Dr. Toback’s office. You are treated as an individual and with the utmost respect.

My surgery was 3 months ago (I should have written this sooner), I’ve been walking and waitressing — my right foot is pain free. I did follow every instruction he gave me — it paid off! How can you not be a good patient when you’re fortunate enough to have such a skilled and compassionate doctor? Tom and I hold a very high regard for Dr. Toback. We don’t want to overlook the wonderful staff at his Kingston office. They are all very caring, professional people, they make you feel very comfortable. This office has a very warm atmosphere.

I may still need surgery on my left foot, but now I have no doubts about it, Dr. Toback is the only doctor for my feet. Tom and I are grateful for all the quality care we’ve received from Dr. Toback and his staff.”

Josephine A. Wickman
Lake Katrine

“I came to Dr. Tracey Toback in late May 2002. I had been to another practice and was very unhappy with the treatment I was receiving. So, I chose Dr. Toback because he was in practice by himself. I could be sure that he would be solely responsible for my care and that I wouldn’t be shuffled from one doctor to another. As a patient, I was really tough on Dr. Toback because of the poor treatment I received prior to coming to him. I was skeptical and angry. Those feeling soon changed after receiving informative, honest and quality care.

On June 21, 2002 I had an Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy. To put it VERY simply, a small incision on each side of the Plantar Tendon to relieve the tension that was causing the pain. First, I couldn’t believe the care and treatment I received; and second, the relief I got after almost a year of unbearable pain. Really skilled hands, compassion and orthotics have put me back on my feet. In most cases surgery is not needed, but I had gone so long without the proper care that I had no other choice. So, listen to Dr.Toback, follow his instructions, take his treatment seriously and you will get the results you want. I am looking forward to endless hours of holiday with my daughter. The only reason I’ll quit shopping is out of exhaustion… not foot pain. Thanks a million for giving me my life back!!!!!!!”

Very gratefully yours,
Kathy Steinhilber
Kingston, NY

“As far as my feet are concerned, there are two time periods. Before I met Dr. Toback it was 15 years of pain and discomfort; and after I met Dr. Toback. Now when my feet hit the ground I have no pain, no discomfort. In fact, I don’t think about my feet when I walk.”

Thank you Dr. Toback.

Will Cass
Certified Financial Planner
Kingston, NY

“I had a big callous on the bottom of one foot which was very painful. Dr. Toback x-rayed my feet and found it was caused by a bone sticking out. It could be corrected by surgery or orthotics. It took me 2 years of suffering with foot pain to breakdown and spend the money on orthotics. I had pain all the way up my leg, especially in my foot, knee and tail bone. I couldn’t walk far. It hurt when I sat also. I got the orthotics for my sneakers and started wearing them almost all the time. Gradually, the pain disappeared. I was able to walk. I now walk a couple of miles (in front of the TV) with an exercise video every day. I just ordered a back up pair of orthotics and had my originals refurbished. I am on my feet all day at my job. Everyone knows me as an active, busy person. I’m glad I can keep up with my life without pain. I intend to wear orthotics as long as I live.”

Jeanette Straebler
Art Teacher
Highland, NY

“I am a 62 year old Catholic Priest. I had been a regular patient of Dr. Tracey Toback from late December 1995 until July of 2001. I regularly made a round trip of over 185 miles to be taken care of at his Highland, NY office. I would still be a patient except that due to another medical condition, I am unable to make the trip any longer.

From the beginning, a couple of things struck me and stayed with me all throughout my time with Dr. Toback. The efficiency of the staff to get you in and out without a lot of delay. Our time is important to each of us. But more than this efficiency was the solicitude of the staff, of whom I cannot speak too highly. I thank them; and I am grateful to all of them.

Dr. Toback, who is at the core of this office, is not only a very knowledgeable doctor in his field, but he is also, I believe, a rather astute practitioner of the human spirit as well. He makes a new patient feel not only welcome but assured of quality treatment. He has a gentle and gentlemanly way of dealing with each person as an individual. His ability to assess the individual condition with the aid of modern technology has proven to be successful in my case.

I highly recommend Dr. Toback of your attention. I know from my own experience, you will be far, far from disappointed.”

Father Herbert Obijiski
Kensington, Connecticut

“For the longest time I was afraid to have an ingrown toenail taken care of by a doctor. When I could not stand it any longer, I called Dr. Toback and made an appointment. To my total amazement, there was absolutely no pain when Dr. Toback took care of my problem. Why did I wait so long? Thank you, Dr. Toback, you are truly a wonderful doctor.”

Van Ritshie
Radio Personality
Highland, New York

“On November 17, 2000, I had gone to my family doctor, because I had a sore under my left foot, which was not healing. I was referred to Dr. Tracy Toback. After all testing by Dr. Toback was done, I was told that I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. It was malignant, and I might lose a third of my left foot. On December 28, 2000, Dr. Toback performed the operation. When I woke up in the recovery room, I was told that my operation was a success and I did not lose any part of my left foot. I was the most luckiest man in the world.

“I am still being treated by Dr. Toback. He is a Top-of-the-Line Foot Surgeon. All I can say, Dr. Toback, thank you and all of your staff for the way I am being treated. I will highly recommend you to all who need one of the Best Podiatrists in the area. Doctor, thank you again, you are the BEST.”

Your patient,
Michael Pagano
God be with you

“I came to Dr. Toback on the recommendation of my physical therapist, Ellie Kramer of Woodstock, New York. I had severe pain in my metatarsal arch, and had difficulty walking my usual five miles a day. On Dr. Toback’s recommendation, I purchased his prescription orthotics, and have been successfully walking ever since. Thanks loads!!”

Lillian Burd

“Dr. Toback has been my doctor for many years. He’s operated on my ingrown toenails. I’ve also had spurs, and I could not walk. Dr. Toback advised me to have orthotics made. I wear them often. My legs and my back feel so much better. I have happy feet when I leave Dr. Toback’s office.”

Mrs. Josephine Marchica
Marlboro, New York

“Dr. Tracey Toback has treated my feet since July 1990. I developed a very painful heel spur. After treatment and the wearing of orthotics in my shoes, I was free of pain. Several years later, I developed a heel spur in my other foot. Through about a year of treatment, I was once again free of pain. No surgery was necessary. I am also treated for fungus toenails every nine weeks. My daughter had a spur removed from her small toe in 1989 and recommended Dr. Toback to me. Thank you, Dr. Tracey Toback.”

Mrs. Catherine Michel
Highland, New York

I was referred to Dr. Toback by my primary care physician. On my first visit to the office, it was determined that I would need a bunionectomy on both feet. I was given all the information that I needed to make a sound decision regarding foot surgery. On August 24, 2001, I arrived at the Hurley Avenue Surgical Center in Kingston, New York, where I was greeted by a wonderful team of professionals. They eased any fears I had about undergoing surgery. Dr. Toback was very professional and exhibited outstanding skill in performing the bunionectomy. Post-operative care is ongoing, but I have been very pleased so far with the results of the surgery. I will be scheduling surgery for my other foot soon, and I would highly recommend Dr. Toback and his kind, courteous staff to anyone considering podiatric care.

Melanie G.
Assistant Director, Childcare
Highland, New York

I have an endless list of things wrong with my feet. At the ripe old age of 25, I visited my podiatrist, the same one I had been seeing since middle school. Even though I had worn orthotics since I was 10, my feet and legs were beginning to hurt constantly. My doctor told me then that he was out of suggestions, that my feet were getting worse. I should take up swimming instead of running. He ultimately suggested major surgery. I knew it was time for a second opinion.

Dr. Toback did agree with my former doctor in terms of acknowledging the fact that I might have been a candidate for surgery. However, he first wanted to try a different orthotic for my multiple problems.

Since then, the last 6 years have been filled with running, weight lifting, mountain biking, hiking, and well, sometimes swimming. I wear my orthotics religiously and I have virtually no discomfort. Someday, I may opt for surgery, especially for cosmetic reasons. But, as long as I can continue to function without pain, I think that I will continue seeing Dr. Toback in his Dockers instead of his scrubs.

On a personal note, Dr. Toback is a warm and compassionate physician. We often joke about the state of my feet. He tells me how great he thinks my feet are, probably meaning that I have so many problems that I present to him a professional challenge. Whatever the case, he never fails to make me feel special because of my unfortunate feet. I only wish that my doctors for all my other body parts cared as much as Dr. Toback.

My feet are in good hands with Tracey Toback. I will always trust his guidance.

Mrs. Joey Petrella Wall
College Administrator
West Hurley, NY

From the day I first started using my computer designed inserts my heels and feet stopped hurting. These things are dynamite! Dr. Toback deserves a medal for recommending them.

Ted French